Intellectual property

As a law firm providing the full range of legal support for businesses, we know that practically every legal relationship formed by an enterprise, in whatever industry, involves granting or receiving the right to use the fruits of creative or inventive activity, whether it be software, texts, inventions, knowhow or other forms.

The legal assistance we provide often enables our clients to increase the value of their intangible assets and to prevent a loss or decline in value in the event of undesirable actions by market competitors.

Regardless of the complexity of the issue, we provide solutions tailored to the business profile of our clients. We do not provide merely abstract legal advice. A good understanding of the clients, their business, and their needs is a vital aspect of our practice.

We provide assistance concerning conduct of legal audits of intellectual property assets, implementation of programs for protection of assets, and assistance in managing the client’s intellectual property portfolio, particularly with respect to trademark protection and grounds for transfer and licensing of intellectual property rights.

Łaszczuk & Partners is a member of Adlaw International, a global network of law firms specialising in advertising and marketing law.

Advertising and market practices

For many years we have advised enterprises whose business deals heavily with intellectual property rights, such as publishers, providers of online content, production houses and advertising agencies. Clients active in other industries also draw on our experience by asking us to review whether advertising or marketing initiatives comply with applicable regulations.

We follow effective procedures for evaluating entire campaigns as well as individual items, and also provide a legal assessment of the market’s response to initiatives. Our services include assessment and advice from the point of view of advertising law, self-regulatory acts, regulations on unfair competition and impermissible market practices, competition law and consumer protection law.

Product labelling

A particular specialty of ours is advising on labelling and advertising of medicinal products, foods, dietary supplements and cosmetics. We also provide assistance in evaluating the compliance of product formulas and ingredients with applicable Polish and European regulations.

We represent our clients in proceedings concerning notification or registration of products and labelling, including proceedings before the European Commission, the Chief Pharmaceutical inspector and the Chief Sanitary Inspector.

Intellectual property disputes

The ability to draw on the exceptional depth of experience of our Dispute Resolution Practice ensures the effectiveness of our measures taken in response to infringement of intellectual property rights, beginning with assistance in selecting the procedures and goals so that the optimal action is taken in the circumstances, through representation of the client in court proceedings or arbitration.

Our experience includes conducting multifaceted disputes covering many different proceedings before state courts involving unfair competition, copyright, industrial property rights and reputation, as well as proceedings before arbitration courts, including arbitration institutions specializing in Internet domain name disputes and advertising disputes.

Program for protection of trademarks and content

Our clients managing renowned or popular brands and offering copyrighted content which is in high demand on the market often struggle with the problem of sometimes petty infringements of their rights which nonetheless on a large scale add up to major losses, for example wholesale or retail trade in counterfeit goods or unlawful copying and distribution of legally protected content.

For these clients, we offer a specially prepared program for protection of their intellectual property rights which enables cost-effective prevention or remediation of infringements, including recovery of losses suffered by right holders.

In cooperation with clients we draft standard documentation, assist in gathering the necessary evidence, and enter into cooperation with law enforcement authorities such as the customs office, police and prosecutors. Implementation of this program enables ongoing monitoring of infringements and effective recovery of the costs invested, while minimizing losses due to infringement.

We also advise clients on:

Dispute resolution

Competition law

Direct selling

Corporate law

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