Competition law

We advise businesses on resolving issues of all types in the area of antitrust, consumer protection, and unfair competition. Our advice also covers European Union regulations.

We support our clients at the stage of planning commercial ventures. We assist in selection of measures that will eliminate the risk of abuse of a dominant position or anti-competitive arrangements. We review actions, market strategies, contracts and rebate policies. We not only identify risks, but also draw upon our experience to recommend concrete solutions to avoid risk. We also draft agreements, terms and conditions and other documents from the ground up, tailored to the needs of the particular venture after analyzing the specifics.

We represent enterprises in cases before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. In every case we prepare an individual strategy, helping present the viewpoint and interests of the client so that they are given due weight in the proceeding. We represent clients before the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection, in appeals, and before the Supreme Court of Poland.

Consumer protection

We evaluate matters from the perspective of consumer protection law, including combating unfair market practices. We examine actions that have already been taken as well as ventures still at the planning stages, tailoring them to comply with legal requirements or designing them from the very start.

We apply effective procedures for assessing campaigns planned by our clients, as well as specific actions, advertising, promotional measures and forms of sales in terms of compliance with consumer protection law. If there is a risk of infringing these regulations, we recommend effective solutions. We also draft and review terms and conditions for sales, promotions, online services and more.

Unfair competition

Our experience includes pursuing disputes concerning unfair competition from the pre-filing stage through development of a litigation strategy, management of the proceedings, and appearing before the lower courts and the Supreme Court of Poland. Examples of our experience include disputes involving actions by our clients’ competitors that were misleading to consumers, discrimination in commercial terms, and injury to the reputation of the enterprise.

We have experience in proceedings before arbitration courts, which is often where contract-related disputes involving allegations of unfair competition are decided. Drawing on the exceptional experience of the experts from our Dispute Resolution Practice, we develop effective strategies for the entire arbitration process.

We also advise clients on:

Corporate law

Dispute resolution

Intellectual property