Business crime

Over the many years of work of our Dispute Resolution Practice, we have also gained experience in the law of economic crimes. This became the basis for creation of a practice focusing on issues of criminal law and the security of commerce.

In our business crime practice we specialize in:

– Providing legal assistance to businesses injured as a result of a criminal offence
– Advising on mitigating the risk of criminal liability and providing a defence in criminal proceedings
– Developing internal security procedures and advising on cybersecurity issues.

We represent clients in all types of proceedings and at every stage of criminal cases, including before law enforcement authorities. We also represent clients in civil cases for protection of rights infringed as a result of criminal offences, particularly to recover lost funds and other assets.

Our experience includes comprehensive advice for clients injured as a result of offences such as fraud, infringement of intellectual property rights, and crimes connected with securities trading. We represent companies and managers in proceedings involving criminal liability of board members and for tax offences. We advise in cases involving mismanagement, injury to creditors, money laundering, and fraudulent transfers. We also have experience in matters concerning offences causing injury to our clients outside the borders of Poland, requiring measures to be pursued and coordinated across multiple jurisdictions.

In our work we draw on our experience in various legal aspects of business, e.g. corporate law, competition law, tax law, insolvency, and regulations governing new technologies and data protection, and we cooperate closely with the other practice groups at the law firm. This enables us to tailor our services to suit the specifics of our clients’ operations and business needs.

We conduct workshops for managers and staff on security of business operations, with a particular emphasis on cybersecurity. We assist clients in drawing up security procedures and in auditing and improving existing procedures.

We also advise clients on:

Dispute resolution

Corporate tax

New technologies and protection of privacy

Competition law