Direct selling

Direct selling is a rapidly growing segment of the market in Poland which is governed by specific legal conditions. Łaszczuk & Partners has been advising direct selling companies since the creation of this sector in Poland in the early 1990s. Our lawyers combine experience advising corporate clients with a knowledge of the direct selling industry and the specific regulatory regime in this area, particularly under consumer protection law and direct marketing regulations.

We provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of the operations of direct selling companies, in particular drafting standard forms for documents used in dealings with distributors and consumers, such as contracts with general terms and conditions, manuals, marketing plans and incentive programs, including vehicle programs and promotional campaigns. We not only ensure that the documents comply with applicable law, but also assist clients in selecting the optimal solutions for the Polish market. We advise on the legal framework for cooperation with distributors and in selection of advantageous tax solutions. Depending on the client’s needs, we adapt documents used in other countries to suit the requirements in force in Poland or develop necessary forms from the ground up.

We also provide clients support on additional activities connected with launching operations on the Polish market, in particular establishment of subsidiaries and branches in Poland, and in connection with hiring of staff for subsidiaries or branches supporting the sales structures, and in the process of required registration or notification of products, including dietary supplements.

Our advice for direct selling companies also includes recommendations for organizing distance sales systems, particularly online shops, which our clients will make available to members of the sales system or consumers.

Our experts have cooperated with the Polish Direct Selling Association (PSSB) since its creation in 1994, providing ongoing legal advice and supporting the association in realization of its initiatives. Lawyers from the firm were involved in creation of the PSSB Code of Direct Selling, and advocate Michał Chodkowski serves as National Administrator of the PSSB Code. Until 19 February 2016, Maciej Łaszczuk served as the National Administrator of the PSSB Code

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