Corporate tax

Lawyers from the Corporate Tax Practice offer services covering a wide range of tax issues. We advise on the day-to-day operations of our clients, analyzing the tax aspects of the agreements they enter into, including transactions involving real estate, intellectual property and new technologies. We support businesses during the course of audits by tax authorities and proceedings before administrative courts.

Current tax advice

Nearly every step taken by an enterprise has tax consequences, which is why analysis of tax aspects is such a vital part of day-to-day corporate legal advice.

We advise our clients on their everyday operations, analyzing the tax effects of a wide range of agreements and transactions, raising the level of legal security of their operations.

The great majority of our services involve VAT, excise tax and corporate income tax, as well as aspects of personal income tax impacting business operations. We also assist clients in the tax on civil-law transactions, local taxes, customs duty, and foreign exchange law.

Inspections by tax authorities

We assist businesses during inspections by tax authorities, from preparation of strategy and tactics, to legal assistance and representation in audits and tax proceedings. When needed, our lawyers provide day-to-day support and are prepared to take immediate action. We also have a wealth of experience in criminal tax matters.

Tax optimization and restructuring

We advise on selection and implementation of the most tax-efficient structures for enterprises and transactions. Our lawyers also assist businesses in planning their tax strategy when beginning operations in Poland, in employment (including managers), and in corporate mergers and acquisitions.

With many years of experience in tax restructuring of enterprises and changes in forms of employment, salary and benefits, we help companies achieve their full business potential based on the latest legal solutions.

Administrative court proceedings

For many years our team has assisted businesses in proceedings before the province administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court of Poland. We have obtained many tax rulings advantageous to our clients.

We also advise clients on:

Employment law

Corporate law

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