Commercial real estate

We have many years of experience advising on commercial real estate transactions, leasing, and development projects. We provide comprehensive legal support at every stage of the transaction, including selection and implementation of the optimal structure from a tax perspective. Our goal is to ensure our clients certainty in the selection of the right transaction strategy for them and to protect them against risks they have not agreed to assume.

Our experience enables us to identify and minimize the potential risk of a dispute arising, but when a dispute is unavoidable our support includes advice and representation, in court or in arbitration, concerning the transaction, the construction process, and relations between occupiers of real estate and suppliers of services.

Real estate transactions

Our advice covers all stages of transactions involving real estate, beginning with due diligence, resulting in a detailed report for the client on the legal status of the property and identifying legal risks connected with the transaction. We also assist in eliminating risks and irregularities of all types. The scope of the examination and the report is closely tailored to the client’s needs and the requirements of the specific transaction.

Then we prepare the structure and plan for the transaction, adjusting them to meet the client’s expectations and elaborating on them as issues arise in negotiations with other parties. Based on the negotiations, we draft the relevant agreements and assist in closing the transaction. We work regularly with experienced notaries.

Leasing of commercial real estate

Our team has exceptional experience advising on lease and tenancy of commercial real estate. For many years our clients have included firms managing some of Poland’s largest office complexes, logistics centres, shopping malls and hotels. We work regularly with leading commercial real estate agencies and managers, lenders, and suppliers of services for properties. We know from the ground up the specifics of the market and the current standards. We also regularly represent tenants of commercial space. We understand the needs and requirements of all parties to the transaction, enabling us to propose the best legal solutions and move the negotiation process along smoothly.

Our support extends to preparing standard institutional lease agreements for investors, as well as negotiating individual leases through signing.

Construction projects

We offer comprehensive support for investors throughout the real estate development process, beginning with the optimal legal form for the project, through the administrative procedures, to negotiation and drafting of contracts with the architects, the general contractor, and other participants in the construction process.

We offer assistance also on issues connected with financing of projects, participating in negotiations with lenders.

Advice on real estate disputes

Our support includes advice and representation of clients in judicial and arbitration disputes related to real estate and construction projects. We have experience representing participants in the construction process in all types of disputes that can arise in connection with construction projects, including disputes over payment for construction work, liability for defects, and delay in project completion. Our clients include both investors and general contractors operating in various segments of the market, including residential and road construction. We also advise on matters concerning projects implemented under the public procurement regime. In addition, our practice includes advising and representing clients in disputes involving transactions on the real estate market and relations between occupiers of real estate and service providers.

We also advise clients on:

Corporate tax

Dispute resolution