Employment law

We provide enterprises comprehensive advice on legal aspects of human resource management, particularly individual and collective employment law. We combine legal knowledge with a business approach and an understanding of the needs and problems of enterprises, offering quick and effective solutions that allow firms to optimize costs and minimize legal risks.

We draft standard form documents required under universally applicable regulations of employment law, as well as analyzing the employer’s existing internal employment regulations, such as work rules, pay rules, and the bylaws of the workplace social benefit fund.

We work with clients on the basis of ongoing, direct contact, in the form selected by the client.

Our experience also includes comprehensive legal support for hiring of foreign staff.

Conditions of employment

We advise on strategic decisions for selection of the structures and forms of employment most advantageous to the client. We draft documents connected with establishment of the employment relationship, including individual employment contracts, managerial contracts, non-competition agreements, agreements on employees’ use of vehicles, and documentation connected with employment of foreign staff.

Employment optimization and outsourcing

We advise employers in creation and introduction of the most advantageous models across the area of employment law, in particular systemic solutions concerning hiring of staff, forms and methods of employment restructuring and optimization, conducting group and individual layoffs, and transfer of the workplace or part of the workplace. We also assist in restructuring of payroll systems. In addition, we advise clients on dealings with labour unions and works councils and represent them in negotiations.

We support clients in the process of carrying out terminations across all categories of personnel, including board members and senior management, regardless of the basis of the cooperation. Our services also include advice on outsourcing of tasks and the related need to reduce headcount or transfer the workplace or part of the workplace.

Employment of foreigners

Our experience includes comprehensive legal support for employment of foreigners. We advise among other areas on selection of forms for employment of foreigners, procedures for legalizing foreigners’ stay and right to work in Poland, including work at positions requiring high qualifications, as well as legalization of the stay of family members. We provide representation in proceedings before Polish administrative offices, including proceedings seeking permits for temporary stay with the right to work and employment permits. We also offer support on taxation of income earned by foreigners in light of applicable tax treaties.

Employment disputes

We support enterprises in establishing relations with employees so that the risk of disputes arising is minimized. But if a dispute is unavoidable, we assist in developing practical, effective and advantageous solutions permitting the dispute to be resolved before reaching court, and we participate in negotiations with employees. When other options have been exhausted and litigation ensues, we represent our clients in court.

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in negotiating with employees, preparing settlements, and appearing before labour courts in all types of employee disputes, including those connected with termination with or without notice, claims under non-competition agreements, discrimination and mobbing.

We always seek the solution that will be the most advantageous to the client in the concrete situation.

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