Łaszczuk & Partners advise Minte.ai on AI implementation contracts in UNIQA

29 February 2024

Łaszczuk & Partners have advised Minte.ai, an insurtech startup, on drafting contracts for the implementation of an AI-based product of Minte.ai, allowing to securely process medical records and automate the resolution of personal claims in UNIQA POLSKA. Advocate Agnieszka Zwierzyńska and attorney-at-law Michał Pietrzyk from the AI team were responsible for assisting Minte.ai.

UNIQA started working with Minte.ai at the end of 2020, at an early stage of the product development. In January 2024, the insurer announced on its website the successful implementation of the solution developed by Minte.ai.

The software developed by Minte.ai allows for fully automated assessment of injury claims, while reducing the operational costs of the claims department. The technology streamlines the substantive assessment of claims, unifies decision-making and reduces the risk of fraud. This is the first and only solution of this kind on the Polish market, UNIQA said in its press release.

Already at the very first stage of interaction with the insured, the artificial intelligence can assess the completeness of the attachments during the reporting of the claim, depending on the type of insurance. On the insurer’s side, the insurance coverage is verified and the Minte.ai product assesses the merits of the claim, determining the basis for payment or non-payment and the parameters for payment, e.g. percentage of injury, number of days in hospital, class of surgery, etc. The solution provides all the data to prepare a reply for the insured with a reasoning.

A major challenge, in addition to the complexity of medical records, were issues related to the particularly sensitive personal data that constitute the content of the records.

– The entire data acquisition and management process had to be fully secured to ensure data protection at every stage of processing. The Minte.ai software processes data exclusively in the IT environment provided by UNIQA, which means that it does not transmit any information over the Internet and does not need to use the cloud. In particular, sensitive personal data of the insured (medical records) does not leave UNIQA’s infrastructure, thus simplifying compliance with the requirements of the GDPR and of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority the FSA in this respect – emphasizes Romuald Paprzycki, CEO of Minte.ai.

Following the successful first stage of implementation, UNIQA announced further works to expand the use of Minte.ai software to include claims handling for ancillary contracts: hospital treatment, surgical operations and serious illnesses.

Minte.ai sp. z o.o. is a an insurtech startup, creating AI models of medical record processing for the needs of insurance medicine and, in particular, the automation and support of personal injury settlements. Minte.ai is currently running a number of pilot projects in Poland and developing further software modules, including using Generative AI. At the end of 2023, Minte.ai established a strategic cooperation with technology partner ITSurance Group sp. z o.o.

Łaszczuk & Partners have extensive experience in supporting technology companies with, i.a., AI implementation contracts. Recently, it has been dynamically developing its consultancy offer on the implementation of solutions based on artificial intelligence, directing it at suppliers, importers and distributors of such tools and entrepreneurs intending to use AI. In November 2023, the law firm formed its AI team, and the advice for Minte.ai on AI implementation contracts in UNIQA is yet another such project in which the team has recently advised.