Changes in Provisions for Businesses

Below you can find information concerning selected regulations introduced by the act dated 16 December 2016 on amendment of certain acts aimed at improvement of entrepreneurs’ legal environment (“Act”) published on 30 December 2016.

The Act introduces changes aimed at making businesses’ functioning easier. With respect to amendments to the Civil Code, the Lawmaker replied to social expectations and made the consequences of a Saturday deadline the same as the consequences of a deadline falling on a statutory holiday. After the amendment, a deadline falling on Saturday will lapse first on Monday, unless Monday is a statutory holiday as well. Other amendments relate to provisions on commercial proxy. Under new regulations, a commercial proxy may cover an authorisation also to undertake actions together with a member of a management body or with a partner authorised to represent a commercial partnership or solely an authorisation in the scope of such joint representation.

Provisions of labour law have also been amended. The new provisions stipulate that the obligation to adopt internal work regulations and remuneration regulations covers employers employing at least 50 employees. Also the term for an employee to appeal against termination of an employment contract, demand reinstatement, compensation or conclusion of an employment contract has been extended to 21 days from the delivery of the respective letter from the employer (e.g. termination notice).

Furthermore, the Act introduces amendments to the provisions on the Company Social Benefits Fund. The obligation to create a fund covers employers with at least 50 employees in full time equivalent units.

The Act introduces changes also to the act on technical supervision, the act on freedom of business activity, the environment protection law act, and the act on the management of packaging and packaging waste.

Most provisions of the Act came into force on 1 January 2017, with the exception of a few amendments, including the amendments to the act on social insurance against accidents at work and work-related diseases, which will enter into force in the upcoming months of 2017.

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