New obligations for delegation of employees

The Act on Delegation of Employees in Performance of Services of 10 June 2016 entered into force on 18 June 2016.

Foreign employers delegating employees to work in Poland as part of performance of services will be required among other things to submit statements to the State Labour Inspectorate (PIP), in writing or electronically, containing a range of information specified in the act.

Such statements must be submitted as of the initial date of performance of the services, but in the case of employers whose employees were delegated to work in Poland at the time the act entered into force, the deadline for submitting these statements to PIP is 18 September 2016.

The act also introduces a number of other obligations connected for example with maintaining in Poland certain documents related to the employment of delegated employees and providing such documents to PIP.

The act to a certain extent applies also to employers based in Poland which delegate their staff to work outside Poland.

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