Why is Łaszczuk & Partners a terrific place to work and practice?

  • We are one of the longest-established law firms on the Polish market – so you will be joining a place with great traditions but also very modern in spirit.
  • You’ll see that we invest in talent development and support everyone in finding the best career path for them, because we know that the success of a law firm depends on its team. The entire team!
  • You’ll find that staff turnover is the last thing you can say about us – a significant number of our colleagues have been with us for a few decades, something we’re proud of. So chances are that once you’ve crossed the threshold of our office, you’ll want to stay here for longer.
  • You’ll discover a working environment that is far from corporate. Don’t believe it? Ask any of our colleagues or one of our former interns. We bet our bottom dollar that they will agree.
  • You’ll also be able to work remotely.
  • You’ll experience a friendly and warm atmosphere that cannot be chilled even by our blood freezing air conditioning.
  • We are located in the centre of Warsaw, so there’s a good chance that you will walk through the Saski Garden on your way to the office or visit the Old Town after work.
  • You’ll have access to private medical care (and you will see on a daily basis what our ‘healthy’ approach to many things is).
  • You’ll go to some epic team-building events and even more epic afterparties…
  • You’ll always find someone to play FIFA and board games, or even to sing karaoke with you on your lunch break. Seriously!

You’ll fit right in if

  • you are kind, helpful and supportive (yes, we mention this first because we value a good and friendly atmosphere like no-one else)
  • you are ambitious and hard-working
  • you speak fluent Polish and English
  • you are proactive and an independent thinker
  • you are an effective problem solver and eager to participate in unusual projects
  • you are responsible and committed
  • you’re driven by passion and enthusiasm
  • you have no problem building relationships and are team work savvy

How do you get a student internship?

  • We recruit for internships throughout the year, according to the current needs of the law firm. But we do especially invite you to summer internships.
  • Internships are open to male and female law students in the last three years of law school and recent law graduates.
  • If you are taken on as an intern, you are not assigned to a specific team. We want you to gain experience in a wide range of legal fields and to perform a variety of tasks.
  • Internships are usually one month. The internship hours are agreed with you depending on your individual availability and the needs of the law firm.
  • In selected cases, an internships may evolve into a permanent collaboration.

How to apply?

Whether you are a student looking to take the first steps on your legal path, or you already have experience working with clients, send us your CV to:

If you feel Łaszczuk & Partners is THE PLACE for you, give YOURSELF a chance of a great start, and give US a chance to get to know you. E-mail us even if you do not see an offer you find particularly suitable for you. We publish them on the Polish version of the website >>

Interested in working at Łaszczuk & Partners? Learn more about us!

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